Posted on 12/15/2019

Welcome to the Nerdly!

Yet another blog?

I have been thinking of like having a quick kinda way of writing down tiny posts of interesting things I learn about or do daily as a web dev.

so, yeah! That got me here!

Q1. What's the purpose of this?

A1. I'll be posting tiny posts about PWAs, es6, vanilla js, jenga css, css3, semantic html and lots of firebase as well! Very tiny technical articles!

Q2. What happens to my main blog?

A2. Aaah, nothing bad's happening! Expect more detailed and long technical docs and guides, dev community and tech related writings!

Q3. Can I clone Nerdly?

A3. Aaah, yes! Why not? It's so easy. So, Generate it from GitHub or Remix on Glitch and follow this guide to have your Nerdly Clone.